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Our deployment process is straightforward, professional and precisely tailored to your project. We determine precisely the expert that you need in specialized online assessments. With the professional as well as personal expertise.

You can complain about gapsOr intelligently close them

The professional support of Project Managers and the project team can close the effectiveness gap. You accomplish your project goals more efficiently and effectively. At the same time you bring additional knowledge and expertise into your organization, significantly relieving pressure and creating latitude for other work.

Project assistance relieves pressure. Additional work and overtime is minimized. Costs fall significantly particularly in terms of administration. Over 40% of all the work of a Project Manager can be delegated to a professional Project Assistant – at significantly lower day rates. The potential savings are evident. And at the same time you experience high-quality project processes, clear documentation and transparency for management and reliable compliance with project deadlines.

A simple calculationPotential savings

Understanding starts with listeningOur approach

We listen and comprehend your needs. We take responsibility for filtering matching profiles, quality assurance and organization of the entire project assistance process. We can immediately offer you the right solution, thanks to our many years of experience in project management and the specialized procurement of personnel. We guarantee the right candidate every time.
Throughout all phases of your project.

Our many years of experience in the successful management of projects provide the basis for the selection of the right Project Assistant to meet you needs. Depending on the requirement profile, we check the knowledge, expertise and social skills of each and every candidate. We promise you superior quality, a Project Assistant tailored individually to your situation and fast and straightforward handling of the entire process.
Ensuring everything fits perfectly.

We have a common aimThe success of your project