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Your potential savings calculated on a sample project

Rechenbeispiel Grafik Projektaufwand
Rechenbeispiel Grafik Projektkosten

PD = person-days

Use of the Project Manager's freed-up capacity

  • Earlier project end
  • Project management of other projects
  • Transfer of other tasks, such as setting up of portfolio or order management
  • Saving

Suggested assumptions

Day rate for Project Manager

€ 1,300.00

Day rate for Project Assistant

€ 700.00

Work of Project Manager 
including administration

100 person-days

Work that can be delegated to a 
Project Assistant

40 person-days

Cost of the project

Solely with Project Manager

€ 130,000

With Project Manager and Project Assistant

€ 78,000 + € 28,000 = € 106,000


€ 24,000

Freed-up capacity of Project Manager

40 person-days