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No one understands projects better than we do.

intelliExperts has many years of experience in project management and recruitment. What we offer: Procurement of experienced superior Project Assistants on a freelance basis. For large and medium-sized enterprises. Worldwide. Even short-term.

Our experienceYour success

Our management's many years of practical experience and expertise are the guarantee for your success. We understand the markets, industries and how to solve problems. Project management and recruitment is what we do best of all.

Managing Director Falk Janotta has been working in many companies since 1985 and has successfully managed many challenging projects as an Interim Manager since 2004. His specific knowledge about the requirements for a Project Assistant to really relieve pressure from a Project Manager, will help in the search for the decisive factor to ensure the success and improved quality of your projects.

"I have managed projects without adequate support from a Project Assistant, which created significant extra administrative work in the project."

Falk Janotta

Inge Poth

Managing Director Inge Poths has been managing an agency for the procurement of professionals with foreign language knowledge for over ten years and understands all the subtleties of this industry. Her knowledge of human nature and her ability to intensively appreciate customers' work, will help you to obtain the correct Project Assistant.

"My many years of agency experience show that you can only remain in business if you succeed in creating a win-win-win situation for the customer, candidate and agency."

Rainer Schediwak, Recruitment & Finance started in 1980 as a line manager with an automotive supplier. He has been working in office management, financial management, payroll accounting, as well as personnel planning and recruitment, for over 10 years. An entrepreneurial approach and excellent reliability determine the quality and precision of his working results.

"My strong recruitment experience allows me to guarantee you the right candidate at the right time. And on excellent terms."

Rainer Schediwak

Marc Hille

Marc Hille, IT Management, started out in 2010 as a qualified Information Technology Assistant and, after a number of years of professional experience, studied for a degree in Business Information Systems. His expertise lies in database management. He is monitoring the data modelling of our customer relationship management system in a professionally literate and innovative manner.

"A solid database is essential for efficient work. Sophisticated data structure leads to outstanding data quality."

Content Manager Christoph Daniel studiert Unternehmenskommunikation und Fachjournalismus im Master an der FH Würzburg und schreibt seit November 2017 für den Projektassistenz-Blog. Seine Leidenschaft gilt dem Texten und der Gestaltung – unabhängig von Thema oder Branche. Für das Blog schaut er auch über den Tellerrand von Projektassistenz und Projektmanagement hinaus.

„Content is King – dieser Leitspruch ist Realität. Im schnelllebigen Digitalzeitalter sind gut aufbereitete und recherchierte Inhalte deshalb ein Muss. Die richtige Kommunikationsstrategie trägt dann dazu bei, wirtschaftliche Ziele zu erreichen.“

Christoph Daniel