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Better results.
Lower costs.
More time for the important issues.

Professional project assistance from intelliExperts.

Reputable companies have already been receiving professional support with important and complex projects for some time: freelance project assistance. And the trend is rising.

intelliExperts precisely sources the right Project Assistant to meet your needs in a specialized selection procedure – the crucial factor for the success of your project.

success in projects

Better resultsSuccessful projects

Experience, professionalism and determination are what set good Project Assistants apart. We can procure expert specialists, who will help to ensure the targeted success of your project and significantly improve the quality of the project result.

Throughout all phases of your project.

Over 40% of all the work of a Project Manager can be delegated to a professional Project Assistant – at significantly lower day rates. Allow us to show you how this can pay for itself.

Lower costsA simple calculation

More time for what mattersUtilizing capacity

Your Project Managers can focus again on their core work by delegating administrative tasks to the Project Assistant: project management, problem and conflict resolution and management of the project team. Or embark on new projects. This frees up valuable capacities, instead of blocking them in administrative work.